Jagua-Henna aka Hengua is the answer to all those who love the black henna/tattoo stain without the PPD! Jagua is made from the Jagua Fruit juice which has a dark bluish ink (fruit juice) color when mixed with henna looks closer to a bluish-black or dark brown. The henna gives a creamy familiar workable texture similar to that of a regular henna cone. The color may vary on different body parts and skin types and can even give an ombre look. Sometimes it can range from a blackish color to a dark reddish color. Please allow for this variation as it is a natrual product and thus results can always be a little surprising, but that is the fun! Storage:	Keep in the freezer for upto 6 months.	Can be refrozen a few times after use as long as you haven't kept it out for a whole day or two.	At room temporature the staining power will degrade in a few days. Application:	For best results leave on for 4 hours.	You can lightly spray it with aftercare once it dries to help it stay stuck for longer.	When applying Jagua-Henna remember it stains instantly as it will touch your skin. It is less forgiving with mistakes than henna. Stain:	To remove the dried paste, just scrape it off.	When it first comes off it is a light gray color or bright orange and it will mature over the next 24-48 hours. Keep watching as the magic happens and the color changes on your skin.	Regularly apply coconut oil or olive oil to help preserve and prolong your Hengua stain.	The stain diminishes as your skin exfoliates.	If you wish to keep it on overnight you can apply mefix tape on top only if it is completely dry and your skin does not have night sweats.	If the stain gets wet it will reactivate and there is danger of it smudging. Allergy warning: Do a spot test. Some people may experience a reaction to this jagua fruit, one way to know is if you are allergic to strawberries or pineapple or any type of fruit enzyme, then this product is not recommended. However if ever you do experience a reaction it goes away an 2-3 weeks and does not leave scars unlike PPD or chemical cones.

Jagua-Henna Cone (Store in freezer)

  • 12-15g Jagua-Henna in each cone

    • Natural henna powder
    • Organic Jagua Juice
    • Organic Niaouli Essential oil or Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • Organic Sugar