How to feel great at Forty!

Throw yourself a fun Forty and Fabulous party with your bestie who is also turning 40 with you! Make it a Moroccan themed party and host it at an exotic restaurant and hire a henna artist to jazz it up, while you belly dance away your worries! 

This formula totally worked. I was invited to be the henna artist at this gorgeous event at the Menara Moroccan Restaurant. They had gorgeous lanterns and big silky pillows, and low carved metal tables inside. As soon as you enter you are greeted with a long table of a mouth-watering Moroccan feast. The food was so amazing I had to temporarily put my Whole 30 diet on hold! (Don't do that folks)! There was a plethora of dancing space and so that's what we all did! Ate, henna and danced. I made my pretty henna corner and happily slung henna for the honored guests one after the other and they loved it. Somehow the glitter I applied was super shimmery and magical in the lanterned hall. As soon as i sprinkled the glitter on it was as if magic just happened! Those of you have had henna done from me know what I am talking about! 

After food and some belly dancing with their beautiful coined sarongs, there was cake cutting and the two besties who celebrated together told wonderful stories about each other. It was very touching and sweet to watch. I am totally stealing this idea for my fortieth birthday. Now I just have to pick my partner in crime... lol.