How to strain or sieve henna

Here is a step by step pictorial of how to sieve henna to make the perfect paste.

First off, why is it so important? If you have ever used a mehndi cone that keeps getting clogged at the tip, you know how frustrating it can be. It hugely impacts the neatness and quality of your work. Even the super-sifted brand of henna will still need to be sieved / sifted / strained once more if you wish to do very fine work. Of course, if that is not your intention you can skip this step and just cut the hole of your cone a little bigger. But I simply cannot handle cloggy cones... it drives me nuts! So here is the system, hope it helps you the way it has helped me.

What you need:

- Mixed henna paste / mehndi paste / mehendi paste

- large carrot bag

- ikea bag sealer or any other kind of sealer, tape works in a pinch

- mugs or cup like container

- leg stockings (not toe reinforced)

- A whole lot of muscle strength!

First take a carrot bag and place it over a mug.

Push it down with your hand but fold it over the outsides generously.

Now slip the toe end of the stocking into the plastic covered mug.

Bring it over the mug and extend it beyond the plastic on the outside. Push the stocking open with your hand.

Now pour or scoop in the henna. This part is hard, you may have to shake it a little to make room to fit all the henna, it may take two mugs.

Now pull out the stocking and plastic with the henna trapped inside and pinch the top tight with your two fingers. Make sure the stocking is sticking out beyond the plastic carrot bag.

Now comes the hard part... its time to pull... like... crazy!

Get ready...

GO!!! Yank it all out! In the end where it gets really tough and you know you are near the toe and most of the henna has already come through, you can loosen your grip a little to help release some tension and avoid popping a hole in the stocking . Its okay to have some henna left inside the stocking when you pull it out. Thats usually where all the gritty bits and pieces of stem will be. Use that leftover henna to dye your white hair strands on your head... 🤓😎