How to relax right before your wedding and squeeze in some family time

Now everyone knows how hectic and crazy busy a wedding can be, especially the last days upto the wedding when the dholkis, mehndi parties and sangeet begin.

But there is a special time awaiting all brides that gives them a much needed break... the henna application time. It forces the bride to just sit, and relax, get her henna done, get fed by hand by her loved ones, even get her itch scratched away by someone else.

She is expected to do nothing, just sit then sleep all night, and in the morning get ready after her long beauty sleep.

But even after the wedding, until her henna fades the bride is not supposed to do any kind of work at her new home. It is her special time. Oh how i love the tradition of henna, whoever came up with it was a saint!

But the best henna time is when even the sisters and mother and anyone else who is working so hard for the wedding are forced to sit down and also get their henna done.

Recently I went to a house with three sisters and a mom. One of the sister was the bride, and while she was getting her full-on bridal henna done, her sisters and moms also took turns! It was cute to see them playing kitchen tag as they were prepping for guests to arrive for a gathering too.

So they quickly finished off their work and took showers and one by one got their henna done and finally got to SIT down and chat!

It was adorable to listen to their sibling chatter and they teased and laughed together. You could sense their deep bond of love in their conversation. You could hear the father and son-in-law once or twice throwing in their comments and adding to the jokes they made. It was a perfect afternoon and the bride relaxed and got her henna with her closest family around her!

This is the way to make sure you get to relax and get precious family time in, right before the wedding, doing henna!