Dangers of store bought henna

A.a everyone! Henna season is here... Eid, weddings and summer parties! I wanted to ask everyone to be extra diligent with the henna cones you are using. Please be very careful as most people unfortunately still use store bought henna in our community. Store bought henna has many dangers, they can be filled with camphor, kerosene (instead of safe essential oils), PPD and other harsh artificial dyes which can leave you with an itch at best or a full blown blistered reaction that can require hospitalization. Real organic henna made from leaves has a shelf life of 6 days and will stop staining that well after 6 days. It has many health benefits and that's why its a Sunnah. Organic henna must be refrigerated for short term use and frozen for long term storage. If something has been sitting on the shelf for two years or survives a plane ride across the world... definitely it is not henna anymore! There are so many amazing professional henna artists who are now making and selling organic henna locally and online. Please ask your henna artist what kind of henna they are using and discourage them from using junk on you. Ask them:

1. What are the ingredients in your henna? My henna has 3 ingredients; henna powder, skin safe essential oils and sugar.

2. Where do you buy your henna from?

3. How long have you had this cone outside?

love you all and henna safely! 😘😘😘