How to prepare for Eid

There are some lovely traditions surrounding Eid which I love! Getting new gorgeous outfits, putting on ittar (perfume), receiving Eidee (gift money), eating delicious foods and finally getting henna!

We all get ourselves adorned with mehendhi, young and old! For me this Eid season was fantastic, i did henna for everyone for three days consecutively. In the end I was exhausted but I had so much fun because I LOVE doing mehndi!

Here are some pictures, sorry there aren't so many because I was so lost in doing the henna and barely can ever remember to take pics! Here are a few favorites.

The above feet design has surprisingly become very popular, not viral yet but a few artists have already posted pics of trying out the designs! 😃👍

The picture above is from a gorgeous henna-at-the-park event! Despite the dread of a hot summers day we were welcomed with cool breezes and abundant shade! #Godiskind!

I experimented a lot of Jagua black fruit-dye henna this time. And I got a picture from a client showing how nice the color has turned out on her skin! ❤️

This is what I put on myself at 3am! The giant pearl ring is a gift from my mother when I was having my first baby. This ring was a present that was gifted to her by my dad so it is extra special!