How to throw a Bachelorette Party with henna

August 3, 2017

It truly is a blessing to have amazing bridesmaids who throw you an awesome bachelorette party complete with henna! Check out the pics! A pink and gold theme made the place glitter.

Here's how to throw the perfect bachelorette party:

  • Have awesome bridesmaids who spend 4 hrs bedazzling the place up with gorgeous decor

  • make an inviting dessert table that is so so pretty in pink and gold

  • have a person taking funny quirky polaroid pics and capturing the odd moments

  • have crazy and wild bachelorette party games, get creative and lets not be shy

  • invite your traditional aunts and grandmas so their laughter at the games becomes infectious

  • have a cute henna artist like @TheHennaist to do henna on all the pretty ladies

  • bedazzle your limbs with henna and tons of sparkly glitter

  • If that was not enough do more bedazzling with gems and genuineSwarovski crystals 

  • have a taco food truck... DUH!

  • give out cute adorable tiny terrariums with little succulents as party favors

  • get a hastag ---> like #Delgado2k2017 to link all wedding pics together in a smart and easy way

Voila! You got yourself a hit party!

I loved the brides henna because we added lots of genuine swarovskis crystals. It was looking amazing with her white dress! Check out some fun pics guys!


These ladies were my favorite!!! So super sweet and so super excited to get on their henna! ❤️😍😘

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